What to Consider Before Buying Your First Home

A purchase of your first home is one of the most joyful rewards in our lives but also, a very large step to take. There are many pieces of a puzzle that need to fit throughout the buying process. Before … Read More

Tips on Choosing YOUR Home

While going over Selected Daily Listings and visiting properties, many clients make similar mistakes. Sometimes home buyers tend to be unrealistic especially with all the roomers about Floridian real estate market. Clients feel that they can get an amazing deal … Read More

Offer Accepted!!! What’s next!?

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Our offer has been accepted! So what is next? By accepting our offer, the seller is legally bound to the terms of the agreement of purchase and sale. Same for us. The contract will indicate the rights and obligations … Read More

Home Inspection

A home inspection is one of the key elements of buying a proper home. Pre-purchased home inspections reveal the present condition of a home that clients are planning to purchase. Usually, it takes from 2 to 4 hours to complete … Read More

Possible Problems with Homes in South Florida

South Florida has common problems with buildings due to its warm climate and high humidity levels. Mold growth. Allergic reactions to mold are the most common health effects of mold. Allergic reactions may happen immediately or develop after a period … Read More

Consumer Pamphlet from Florida Bar

THE PURCHASE AND SALE AGREEMENT An agreement of purchase and sale is one of the most important documents that an agent prepares for his or her client. It details the terms and conditions of the transaction. Once signed it becomes … Read More

Steps to Consider Before Listing a House

Selling a house is a challenge for any family. There are many factors that sellers should consider before listing their home. The emotional attachment to a house that has been a family home for all these years is one of … Read More

“Flip My House” Program
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“Flip My House” Program was created after we analyzed sales of homes in multiple neighborhoods of South Florida. We noticed almost all home listings that came to the market and sat there for a long time ended up terminated! Mostly, … Read More

Staging a House

Staging a house is beneficial in many ways. The most important is that staging sells home faster and sometimes for a higher price! We never force our clients into staging, frankly, not every house requires it. Some homes are better … Read More

Common Mistakes to Avoid

We always warn our clients that renovations rarely come easy and that they need to be prepared for some stress and possible negative emotions – and that’s if you’re working with a contractor. Multiply this by a hundred if you … Read More

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