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Pre-Purchase-Inspections-sliderA home inspection is one of the key elements of buying a proper home. Pre-purchased home inspections reveal the present condition of a home that clients are planning to purchase. Usually, it takes from 2 to 4 hours to complete a thorough inspection, depending on the size and condition of a property. An inspector goes over the main parts of a home outlining the condition that the home is in – from its foundation to the roof.

Our agents always attend home Inspections. It is imperative to understand the real picture and see the condition that the house is in. A good home inspection can reveal many deficiencies that are important to address before buying a house to either use it as an advantage of bargaining power or to be prepared for future renovations once the home is purchased. Either way, at this point, we are still in the negotiation process with the sellers and there are always options for us.

At the end of the home inspection, an inspector will issue a full report with his or her findings that will be delivered to the clients in a timely manner. We will go over the report together with the inspector and will discuss our next move. At this point, we will try to renegotiate a price to cover the deficiency or will ask the seller to bring the condition of the home to an acceptable condition. In case the seller refuses to cooperate to fix or give a discount from asking price we may elect to exercise our legal option and exit from the contract. The contract will be terminated upon we deliver notification of unsatisfactory inspection results. A listing agent, acting on half of the seller, will return your deposit. The deal is off.

From experience, we had seen situations where clients have chosen to disregard the findings of the inspection because they became so emotionally attached to a property, they still went ahead and purchased that home. Now, we cannot stop you from doing that but what we can do is to assist you in every possible way to a point where you would have a clear understanding what you are facing so that you can come to a weighted decision!