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Tips on Choosing YOUR Home

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While going over Selected Daily Listings and visiting properties, many clients make similar mistakes. Most clients tend to undervalue their perfect home. Some feel that they can get an amazing deal on their dream home for at least $100,000 under market value, still thinking that a South Florida’s real estate market did not recover from a crisis of 2008, while others feel that their money can buy a way better home than what they are seeing, etc. The truth is that the market will always dictate the rules! Realtors who follow the latest market news and trends are the one that see reality and understand how to capitalize in any market condition.

Once we are closer in finding your dream home, we will sit down for a quick discussion. We will go over all the pros and cons of selected properties to help you decide which one is THE ONE! After determining, our agent will prepare a Comparative Market Analysis Report (CMA) for that particular home. This is a very important step that some agents don’t do at all. Basically a CMA will establish its current market value, a price point at which we would consider listing this home for if we listed this property. This Report includes comparable properties that are available for sale in a specific area, properties that were sold and ones that were not (terminated). The Comparative Market Analysis Report plays an important role during offer presentation and the price negotiation process.