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What to Consider Before Buying Your First Home

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Discussion with a real estate agent

A purchase of your first home is one of the most joyful rewards in our lives but also, a very large step to take. There are many pieces of a puzzle that need to fit throughout the buying process. Before going into details of a buying process itself, it is important to understand how “buying a home in Florida” works, what to expect, and what kind of possible “turbulence” or pit falls a buyer may encounter on their journey to their home ownership.

KingOne Properties had been offering agent services in representing buyers and sellers at real estate transactions since 2007. Our experience and professional approach reduces the stress of buying a home as much as possible. From day one and all the way to a last day of closing a deal at lawyer’s office, we are there with you assisting to buy that perfect home you are looking for! We are present during all showing appointments, inspections, offer presentations, closing – we are there for you all the way.

We guarantee to satisfy the most demanding client. Unlike most of agents out there who sign a Buyer’s Representation Contract and intimidate their clients with the lengthy period of the agreement, we provide our clients with an outstanding professional service. If for some reason you feel that an agent is not a right fit for you, you can “Fire Him or Her at Anytime”*. After all, buying a home should be fun and pleasant experience. Having a lazy or a “too busy” agent takes all the fun away, doesn’t it? Don’t let that happen to you. Allow us to “WOW” you with a great experience of buying a home in Florida!

There are few elements that are very important to go over with a client – such as their income, everyday expenses, GDS and TDS ratios, loans and credit card debts, and the amount of down payment required in order to help one understand the financial responsibilities of home ownership. There are many types of possible “hiccups” that could happen at any point during the buying process that we always explain to our clients ahead of time to save them from the stress and/or disappointment. At the end of your initial consultation, we will give you a small home work just to finalize few numbers and mostly important, a list of “Wish to Haves” and “Must Haves” in your future home. According to your initial search criteria, we will send you all existing listings and new daily listings that come to market in the desired areas that comply with your preferences automatically.

At this stage, we recommend our clients to contact a mortgage broker to receive a mortgage pre-approval.  Our clients are at liberty of using any financing institution of their choice. Please feel free to inquire about mortgage brokers that we have worked with in the past.

During our second appointment, once all the preliminary homework is done on both sides – we are ready to explore! We will sit down in front of a computer and examine all of our options. We will go over all the listings from MLS in desired areas that fall under your price range and your search criteria. Believe us, sitting in front of a computer for an hour will save you weeks of endless and disappointing searches! We will also select a number of homes for us to visit to help us realize of what your future home may look like.

At that stage you will receive SELECTED new daily listings in the specific areas of your preference – carefully selected and filtered by your agent that best fit your needs. The moment you see a property that you like, contact us right away and we will schedule an appointment to go out and see that home ASAP! Buyers market is HOT right now in South Florida and sometimes minutes matter! No joke here…

Please see next article to learn more about home buying process in South Florida.

*Certain conditions apply. Please see “Fire Me Anytime” Contract for details.